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Contact persons - contact persons for your advertisements.

A contact person must be assigned to each advert.

Instructions: manage contact persons


User account information - manage your company's information.

Instructions: Manage user account information


Provider profile - introduce yourself and your company to others!

On the listing page next to each advert, sellers are displayed. By clicking on the name of the seller, you can view the associated seller profile. We therefore recommend that you maintain your user profile complete, in order to leave a serious impression.

Instructions: Maintain provider profile


Favorite categories - Immediate email notification as soon as a machine type is advertised.

Select your favorite categories and receive an immediate email notification as soon as machines in these categories have been advertised. 

Instructions: Select your favorite categories


You can find out how you can advertise machines here: Advertise machines

You can find out how to manage your adverts here: Manage advertisements

You can find out how you can achieve more visibility here: Advertisement tips


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